Bubbles The Clown

Bubbles The "Magic" Clown

A ventriloquist for more than 50 years, Bubbles has enjoyed putting smiles on the faces of boys and girls, and moms and dads, at the MIZPAH Shrine Circus in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the Morocco Shrine Circus in Jacksonville, FL.  Now living in Central Florida for the last 4 years, most of his appearances are with the Ocala Shrine Club Clown Unit. He is just beginning his second year as Chief Clown.

My looks have changes a little from my first Circus appearance.


But Skip and I are still going strong.  Skip hasn't aged a bit over the years. 

A ventriloquist figure from figure maker Alan Semok,  Skip now has his brother, another Semok figure, Scott, who has joined the group.

Scott with some of his friends at the MIZPAH Shrine Circus

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